Once Upon A Pounce

Pouncing pleated paper tigers for the roaring New Year


Once Upon A Pounce presents an optimistic leap into the new year, encouraging all to seize new opportunities in a new world ahead. The paper tiger limbs, dressed in a stunning textural paper stock, features a spin on the gestural stripes of traditional folk tiger toys. These typographic strokes form the Chinese character 虎 when put together. The hand-pleated body of the paper tiger is beautiful not just as a static sculpture, but a kinetic art piece. As it moves, it stretches and warps the character for prosperity “福” — a manifestation of analog variable typography, as well as the sentiment of adaptability in seizing opportunities. The red packets echo the kinetic energy of the pleated body which lends the typography an edgy, explosive quality.

Each box comes with 1x Pleated paper tiger and 8x ang pow packets (4 colours, 2x each colour)

Closed Size: 275mm (W) x 140mm (H) x 125mm (D)
Open Size: 275mm (W) x 270mm (H) x 125mm (D)



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