Bountiful Bunnies 2023

A gift set comprising boxy bunnies brimming with bountiful abundance


Bountiful bunnies galore,
There’s so much around to adore,
If there’s something we should want more,
Let it be joy and peace brought afore.

From the beauty of everyday things to the human capacity for love, Bountiful Bunnies brings a boxy, brimming celebration of abundance into the new year. Inspired by the traditional nesting doll format, the snap-to-assemble paper bunnies come in five colours with incremental sizes that stack neatly together to form a compact display piece. Display them in a row in their colourful glory, or stack them as a secret storage box!

The orthogonal forms are contrasted with the vividly bouncing custom lettering and illustrations on the box and red packets, inspired by rabbit whiskers and their springy locomotion, adding a dynamic flair to a vibrant festive package.

Each box comes with 5× Paper Bunnies, 1× Paper Bunny Tray, and 8× Angpow packets (2 designs, 4 pieces each).

Size: 230mm (W) × 150mm (H) × 40mm (D)

Largest Bunny Size: 110mm (W) × 110mm (H) × 110mm (D)


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