Fiction of the month

Mockery, Intention, Urge, Media, Independence
by Joanne Chew


the year when everyone labeled as cancelled,

the year when derelictions trumped predilections,

the year when there is as much fuckery as Mockery

Mockery sounds so rickety as a word,

almost like broken crockery

Some words just have phonetic resonance

both in meaning and Intention

Intention is such an active ingredient

We all want something we don’t need

Is it because of insatiable greed

Masked as irresistible Urge?

Urge is not satisfaction guaranteed

Unlike the promises of FMCGs

Baby-G, Ali G, P&G

Drop em’ Gs

Bangin’, Shootin’, Fallin’

All in favour of snappy, chop-chop speed

Tap-tap, like, share

Our fingers bow down to the

Empire of Social Media

Media is suffering an identity crisis

Is it real or fake?

Reduced to targeted ads

Spreading false fads

Where is our independence?

WIP / 03.01.2021
fictionist WIP

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